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Blue tint when viewing the screen from the side angle


My Galaxy has this blue tint on the display screen when I tilt it to the side. However, when I view the screen at a normal viewing angle, then its fine. Is this normal for all Galaxy S9 devices since these are made of OLED display screens?


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Superuser I

I've read and seen on YouTube videos that some phones can have a slight colour shift when looked at at an angle which wouldn't be seen when the phone is being used in a usual looked at manner. 


Personally I wouldn't be concerned. 


I assume you do not have a case or front screen protector that might be also causing such issues. 



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I do have a Samsung S9 Alcantara case. But no screen protection on the front.

When viewing the phone at a normal angle, then I dont see any blue tint.

So, is this normal?

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