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Block Texts with no number

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I'm getting texts from HMRCUK phishing for card details, can I block these on the S9+

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you cant samsung removed this on the EU S9 models.
you could search play store for a 3rd party app.
which is a shame we spend so much on the phones and they remove a needed function that blocks online fraudsters.

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No, Samsung left all there users at the mercy of Spammers, and are not doing a thing to stop it, and help there Customers.

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no samsung dont call them spammer they are Advertising customers.
by removing the blocker for text blocking samsung and google can allow spammers and advert companies 
that are suppied by data via app store games and software to abuse and infect your phones.
we pay £1000 of our money for these phones for them to remove needed privacy services so they can make money
from the app companies.

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