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Banking Apps and fingerprint issues

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Ok, since the pie update I have had nothing but bugs galore!


It truly is not a very thought out software update or the app developers are too far behind!!


Anyway, I have an issue which is bugging the hell out of me now. Prior to update, I had one finger print scanned on my device, this was used for logging into banking apps alongside various other apps.


Since update I now get met with an error message which tells me that "fingerprints have changed" and that I must confirm if I am the only user of the phone with fingerprints stored. Hmmm ok, well I am the only user and yes just my fingerprint, nothing has changed except for this bloody update.


So I thought I'll just uninstall ALL my banking apps and re-install them again alongside removing my fingerprint and redoing the set up again. This "seemed" to work all was good for about 4 days and it has started all over again!!!! 


A little help as to why it's doing what it is doing would be helpful please, my other fingerprint log in apps work fine with no error messages......

AndrewL Moderator
@Manichouse: Please can you confirm which banking apps are currently being affected by this issue? As a troubleshooting step you could try removing your current fingerprint scan and adding a different finger or, alternatively, adding a second or third option to see if you can work around the issue.
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So it's the Halifax and Natwest app that are playing up. 


My bank of Scotland one works fine.


I've already changed my finger print to se if that would resolve but like I mentioned it started playing up again 4 days later.


Just odd how it's only just started since the update. I have had numerous other things change/play up and I can no longer connect with stuff i had before, little frustrating 

AndrewL Moderator
It may be stemming from a compatibility issue with the new update, although it is strange that you get periods of normality where it works as expected. I recommend checking the Google Play Store for available updates for the Halifax and Natwest apps to address this, as well as performing a Soft Reset whenever the issue occurs by pressing the Volume Down and Power buttons for around 10 seconds until the phone restarts. This will address any temporary software issues that may be arising and should hopefully stop the fingerprint verification errors from popping up.
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Did you ever resolve issue with fingerprint.  Both Bank of America  and Wells Fargo  apps have been doing the same since update.   HELP if you can.



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I have the same issue with my Amex, Natwest and nationwide app. If i leave it, it resolves after a few hours. 

I have also tried changing fingerprints etc

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I have the same issue with First Direct and Ringo (Parking App) and Tesco Pay. Mine is a Note 9 though, so likely software problems. How do we reach Samsung?

It really needs to be sorted, I miss my iPhone.


I have the same problem. Happens with Bank of America app every 4th or 5th time I log in. Started happening on my Citi Visa banking app too. This is annoying. 

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