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Dose anyone have the issue with Bluetooth that it always says incorrect pin or pass key on devices that don't have the capability to! I can connect to another samsung phone but can't connect a pokemon plus watch or connect my Bluetooth car stereo! I still own my Galaxy s7 witch has no problem connecting to either devices from above so I believe this maybe a software issue because my s7 is on Knox 2.7.1 with no issues but this is on current update OREO.

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I'm having the same issue trying to pair to my Delvfire Pulse wristband, incorrect PIN or pass key.

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Same issue with Jabra headset.


Headset pairs with iPhone no problem, but not with Galaxy S9+

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Yes. Won't connect to gear S3 now. Pin displays on the watch but get this error on my phone. Had same problem with connecting to the car until I factory reset the s9+. Can't keep doing that.
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