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Automatic emoticons

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Just moved over to Samsung for the first time,  it may just be a setting I'm not used to.


When I used to type messages on my Sony phones , let's say I typed 'horse' then the phone would put in an emoticon of a horse to choose if I wished. 


Can my S9 do this rather than having to go FIND  emoticons 


Welcome aboard, @AJB!


Thanks for coming to our Community with this. It isn't currently supported by our phones, but we'll pass on your suggestion to our Software Team - they love hearing customer feedback! :cathappy:

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I am looking for exactly the same. My old Nokia Lumia (bought in 2011 - and replaced with the Galaxy in June this year) - could do it!!!!!

Better get that facility in ASAP - it is very useful

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You can bypass this problem with SwiftKey keyboard. I have the paid app which it's cheap but worth it. After you install it, you can go into its settings and turn on emoji predictions. See below


Screenshot_20181002-220422_SwiftKey Keyboard.jpg


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It would be really useful to have. I've just moved to Samsung from windows phone and the replacement text is really very handy. 

Also adding words to dictionary is handy also.

Ability to suggest names from contacts is good, and not changing contacts name is also good

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I have just moved from a Sony device to my first Samsung and am finding this lack a bit of an irritant. Definitely can't believe an expensive S9 does not support this. Cannot manually find any of the pictures I want. The Sony was so good for this. Very disappointing.
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Thank you I will try this

Samsung got rid of it. My Note 4 (stock keyboard) has it. 

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You can manually add shortcuts so that when you type 'horse' the horse appears as an option. A bit annoying but better than nothing for emoji's you use often.Screenshot_20190130-183028_Samsung Keyboard.jpg


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In such case one has to manually input all the possible emoticons? Does not make any sense ... for example, once I wrote "bus stop" and immediately got the emoticon for that on my old Sony. Missing that on Note 9 ...

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