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Australian Update to S8 sucks so bad

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Just updated my software on my S8 to the new Pi update thign with the giant screens.

I've never complained on one of these forums before because i could never be bothered but this time I had to provide feedback to Samsung. This update is TERRIBLE!!

My apps are all large, I can't get rid of the huge screen of nothingness on every menu SETTINGS yes I know Im in the settings menu, I navigated there. My messages now don't show up in the lock screen so I have no idea if I missed a message. The push notifications aren't working properly. Its bloody awful. I'll be changing phones at my next renewal in 6 weeks if this isn't fixed pronto. I want to go back to how my phone was yesterday.

New Member

Yea.. I mean for the lock screen u can change how to be displayed.. but my biggest problem is messages.. if i open message from my friend with who we write a lot it takes like FIVE seconds to load them up.. and that's the most disappointing and when you get out and go back in again takes 5 seconds to load them up.. please fix that as soon as possible

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