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Apps minimizing to home screen


Hi I'm using an S9 plus. I've noticed past few days whatever I use , Instagram , what's app or YouTube it minimize minimizes to home screen by itself. Is there a fix for this? As long as it's not my phone and something else then all good .it's very annoying and happens nearly on all apps. Thanks 


Few other issues im having too. For example when I go to settings , software update and manual update. It won't bring anything up until after 15 minutes. Same with Fenix Twitter app. I can open it from app fine. But when I get my favourites notification I click but will again open after 10 minutes. I have spoken to Samsung , thru tried heling through Smart Tutor but no luck. And said we are releasing a software update see if that helps. Also downloading and uninstalling apps is causing delays too.


Having the same issue myself on the screen randomly minimizing. Noticed this after the August 1 2018 update on t mobile. Have factory reset twice and after a few days this happens. Anyone else having this issue?

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Have you resolved this yet? I am having the same problem and I cannot find an answer anywhere! Making me miss my Apple.


I ended up doing a warranty exchange and after all the updates ( currently running oreo August patch) it came back. Flickering at the bottom is worst. Looks to be the S9+ not the S9 that does it. Really makes me want to get away from this phone. 

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I had a purple s9+ that never did this, not one time.  I broke the screen and replaced it with this black s9+ and almost immediately it started this minimizing business.  When I watch YouTube it always minimizes to the PIP window...repeatedly.  Same with my keyboard and any app that's on the front screen.  It's getting really annoying.  I hope they fix this issue.


I am getting the same issue. Its on the S9+ all video apps keep minimizing to the home screen at random. I have reset my device a few times and worked with Samsung they have no idea about the issue or how to fix it. I have removed screen protectors, and cases. 

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I think I finally solved it. I have a Samsung S9 and I went to the apps tab and selected the individual apps (ex: YouTube) that kept minimizing. When you select the app, scroll down to the advanced portion, where it lists 'draw over other apps' and 'picture in picture' and disable both (both might not be necessary, I just did it anyway). I hope this helps!

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I'm having the same issue!!! I'm so glad I found other people having this issue! It seems to be the worst when I'm charging my phone! Please fix this Samsung! 


Here are the specs on my device you can get these under About phone of course. I called and this is all the stuff they asked me before remoted into my device. They did a reset and issue is back. It worked for like 1 day.


Samsung S9+ 64GB 

Model: SM-G965U

Hardware Version: Rev 1.1

Android Version: 8.0.0 - Oreo

Samsung Experience Version: 9.0


Samsung Watch: Yes(Gear S3)

Screen Protector: Removed

Case: Yes. Samsung branded

Device Reset: Yes. Issue reappeared. 

Block Accidental Touches: Togged on and off issue still happens

Touch Sensitivity: Off after removing the screen protector. 


The issue happens with any streaming video or audio service. The issue happens on Wifi or Cell. 

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