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Apps action request s9


20180502_132703.jpgThis is what is shown

 This is popping up on my phone when ever open it, I have tried clicking in all the requests but nothing happens and it still pops up. Does anyone know why? Or what I have to do to stop it happening ? Also a red light appears before I enter my password although the battery is not low  is that meant to happen? 




This first part where it wants you to select an app, I think its due to NFC. You could verify this by turning NFC off via the quick settings panel.


The second one is probale the Iris scanner, its an infrared light which scans your eyes. Sort of like the fingerprint reader but with your eyes. You can use this as an authetications method.

If you dont remembering setting this up, you might want ot disable it or reconfigure it in Security Settings.


Example of the red Iris Scanner light at the top left of the phone;



Thank you, o have turned off the nfc and that has stopped the pop ups. I am not technology minded at all so I had no ckie what to do , once again Thank you 

Thank you, at least I know what it is now which helps lol
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