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Annoyingly slow waking up after pressing unlock button - Brand new phone

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Hello. I have got a brand new S9. 
I got a problem - when phone is locked (without using Always On Display), and i want to unlock it (so i press unlock button), after pressing the button i have to wait for some 1-2 seconds, before screen wake up totally (for this 1-2 seconds screen slowly brightens)
What is wrong?
Bixby is switched off, phone has got brand new and updated software, and i've installed just 4-5 app's. 

Some info about the phone (from settings menu)
Android: 8.0.0
Samsung Experience: 9.0
Wersja opr. dost. Usług (Don't know how to translate it..): SAOMC_SM_G960F_OXM-XEO_OO_002823382274a00d7ece XEO/XEO,XEH/XEH

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