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Annoying and incorrect One UI/Pie notification



20191011_110657.jpg"Congrats on the new case" notification

I bought my S9+ in March 2018, 1 year and 7 months ago as I write this. On the same day, I also bought an official Samsung case. Neither the phone or the case are new.


On occasion, I have to take the case off the phone so I can put the phone in to the windscreen cradle in my car. When I put the phone back in to it's case, the "Congrats on the new case" notification appears.


Every time I restart my phone, the same notification appears.


Whoever designed this annoying notification obviously didn't think it's deployment through properly.


AntS Moderator

Hi @K3n0b1 ,


Kinda inclined to agree with you if I'm being honest. Looks like one of those weird "you need to disable it first" ones:


Settings > Apps > Galaxy Themes > Notifications > toggle off 'Phone case attached'.


If you do want a notification of the case being successfully attached, toggle that setting back on, and it should then only have the option of a sound rather than the pop-up too.


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