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Android pie beta program

Hes trolling it is not available yet.... no1 has it in UK... DONT FALL FOR TROLLS

Faton, you can use some software called  Sam Firm (google it). Pop in your make model and region code (google that)

It will download the files you need to upgrade to the BRJ6 version which will then allow the Zip to be ran.


S9+ (SM-G965F)!ZQZAzCCT!65m6DyYyykZfQHJ_BarJe-UZ_ioYZg4O--4527BSCrU
S9 PLUS version.


S9 (SM-G960F)!gERiSKZD!jJx6Bxm1GRYiXSC0tdcyH-kc76FBq-M3dIQq3SzeojE
S9 NOT PLUS version.


Yesterday News!!!!

Updated Information for UK users waiting on the Beta

Lots and lots of mis-information regarding the beta so I thought I'd clear a couple of things up.

  1. The beta will be available on all unlocked phones. Even if you got your phone through a carrier it may still be unlocked. In fact I think most are (two exceptions I know of are Three and Vodafone. Feel free to add more if you know any).

  2. Reports of the beta going live on the 20th were a mistake, they have removed this information from the One UI faq now.

  3. The beta for the UK (and other 2nd wave countries) is currently listed as coming soon. All I can confirm is that this will be between now and January. What I will say is that mid-December is most likely.

  4. I've seen a lot of posts about people getting frustrated with checking the Notices section of the members app. Just a quick FYI, the app sends notifications about notices by default. As long as you haven't changed settings and have notifications enabled you don't need to keep checking.

I hope this will alleviate some frustrations.



Edit: Somebody has linked this post from another forum and referred to me as "somebody from samsung". Just want to make it clear that I'm not from Samsung and my info isn't at all concrete.



It means that so nobody knows anything!!!!!


@AbyssalSmoke thanks


@FatonMorina: I clicked on the picture at the Pie Notification in Samsung Members. Then I had to accept to register to the beta Version  After that I opened the Softwareupdate at the Phonemenue and started it manually.


(notice, that I'm German and got the registration as it launched in germany)

Nobody cares about Germany. This is for UK registration. So stop talking about germany

@Tawor yes i know but i can't  register i dont know why


This clearly says UK... we know Germany have it, it has been launched there, reason we dont have in UK as its not be launched here yet... go make your own post, thankyou


@Mereutacristian: calm down pls. This is an english language thread and not an UK registration thread. If you cant accept it, pls open your own thread.



Faton Morina and another user had some questions and I tried to answer it, because I made the registration. No one in the UK can answer it for now. Thats why I wrote here.

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