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Android pie beta program


@Tawor take care from Englishman 🤣


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typical uk lie. Bunch of liars


Has anyone in the UK  tried changing their phone region and language to German then tried to register? 


not that desperate mate

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Sorry for a stupid question.... But all this talk about and unlocked version... Do you mean unlocked by the carrier so any sun can be used ? Or something else.....


EE for a cost will allow you to unlock the carrier side

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Guys what you say unlocked to do mean unlocked from a meteorn provider ? 


EE will unlock for a fee so any sun can be used


Doesn't work like that, you'd need a German SIM, and also the German region Oreo firmware installed, and probably need to spoof your online location with some VPN


Easier to flash the already uploaded of the Pie Beta on XDA forums


S9+ (SM-G965F)!ZQZAzCCT!65m6DyYyykZfQHJ_BarJe-UZ_ioYZg4O--4527BSCrU
S9 PLUS version.
S9 (SM-G960F)!gERiSKZD!jJx6Bxm1GRYiXSC0tdcyH-kc76FBq-M3dIQq3SzeojE
S9 NOT PLUS version.

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Google Pay does not work , I flash phone then done update from sd card . Plus not registered on the beta. 


H3G have just released the software update to BRJ6, could we just be waiting for all the providers to release the update to BRJ6 so that everyone is ready for the beta?

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