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Android pie Bugs

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Fixed the problem to do with the call logs not working....


Go to the app info for "Phone" app... Where you're able to force stop it and whatnot,


Then look for "Permissions" and check the box for "Storage" to turn it on and allow access to Storage.


Do this for Contacts app as well...


I also completely cleared data on the Phone app and Contacts app. Restart (must restart otherwise the phone will freeze in my experience...)


Done, now it all works properly. To a degree of course 😂

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I updated my S8 to Android Pie on Tuesday (19/03/19), and I am having a lot of problems with the home screen being unresponsive to touch input. I cannot click on any of my icons or widgets to access apps, and cannot swipe to go onto any other home screens. I can swipe up from the bottom to get into my app list, and my touch screen works perfectly in apps; it is just the home screen where it doesn't work. This is really annoying. It is ok for a bit after a reboot, but then goes unresponsive again, and I don't know what triggers it. I can't keep rebooting my phone just to have it work how it is supposed to. 


I want hundred percent believe. And Samsung takes no responsibility for pushing this update out before it was properly investigated.

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I have my new phone galaxy A70 and I have Pie android

 I have problems with:

All Facebook Apps including Pages and Messenger 




I've noticed as soon as I open the app it gives me all my notifications. Like it's in a deep sleep. And additionally no counters on apps for the notifications either so unless I open the app i have no idea if there is anything there.

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