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I am a new entrant to the world of Android and thinking of getting myself the Note9.  I have been an Apple follower up to now and have a Mac and iPad Pro together with an iPhone 8 Plus. My only concern is transferring all contacts and diary records to a new environment, which I understand from reading posts that Smart Switch will do for me, but accessing files / records when I am out and about and which are currrently stored on iCloud. 


Can I easily access iCloud, is there an app or will I have to transfer everything 632Gb to another storage option like Drive?


Thanks for any help / advice

AndrewL Moderator
@pcjjk: There's no iCloud app for Android, however you can still manage your iCloud account on your PC or Mac without the need to transfer all your stuff over.
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Superuser I

To add @pcjjk  it's one of the best moves I made changing from iOS to android and Samsung. 


It can take a while to get out of the iOS eco-system but its achievable. 


Enjoy your journey.



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Thank you for your kindness. Received my Nlote 9 yesterday - steep learening curve

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