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Android Pie update...

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Why is taking so long for android pie in UK for samsung galaxy s9 plus 🤔🤔🤔

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Superuser I

It's been in Beta until very recently @Gabiarv1 for Samsung to collate feedback from the Beta users to help iron out the kinks  and bugs.


Now it's being rolled out as per the thread created by the Samsung Team here.


An actual date is never given because if that slips there would be uproar against Samsung or the network who would be typically testing the update on their branded phones before allowing Samsung to send it out.


The update will be sent out in batches connected to wether a phone is branded / unbranded and dependant on phone serial number and build date.


Patience is a virtue 



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Thanks 👍is a big day for my mobile phone 📱... Patience is a virtue,,, true
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I was finished download for update Andorid pie

But when i wanna install that, i get notif. That say " error". And back again to download the update


Samsung s9plus

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