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Android 9.0 Pie, UK model - Call Recording facility missing


Now that Android 9.0 has broken most third-party call recording apps, I'm looking to enable the inbuilt call recording feature I've seen in YouTube videos. (e.g., )


I have the SM-G960 model (UK/Europe dual sim, unlocked, BTU CSC/firmware). I performed the OTA update to Android 9.0 the other day. I was expecting to see the Record Calls setting in Call Settings, but it's missing.


There is no legal limitation preventing a call recording feature from being included, so I wonder if it's an oversight on Samsung's part. I'd appreciate confirmation either way from Samsung on this.

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Samsung have disabled/hidden this feature probably because it uses a multi csc rom.

So if they enabled it legally for uk it may be that it is illegal in a different country so they take the 'safe route' and disable.


Samsungs past history says they won't enable or unhide it for us.

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I agree please being back call recording it is a function I bought the phone on and require it to work.


I agree. I'm also looking for this feature and am disappointed it's not there as I've tried 3rd party apps but none of them work on my S9

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