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Adaptive brightness

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Please fix the adaptive brightness under Android pie, when selected, brightness cannot be toned down and remains at 50% even  in the dark. When moving the slider down the brightness dims until you lift your finger from the slider then it brightens again but slider remains low.

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Is this going to be fixed? It keeps setting the brightness of my phone to 1 setting even though I change the setting. It's happened recently and now I cannot use the adaptive brightness setting, I gave to manually change screen bright ess

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I got mine switched off for the adaptive brightness because its too annoying as it set itself to the lowest brightness.  However it "AUTO" switched on by itself again and i dont know how did that happened although i alresdy switched off the adaptive brightness . Sigh. Samsung pls fix this!

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Same problem here

I can't use Adaptive brightness,cause it keeps setting the brightness of my phone to one setting and i can't change it

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Restarting the phone makes adaptive brightness work for me again temporarily. Samsung, please investigate. 

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I have the exact same issue! Really annoying!

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I turn adaptive brightness off, and it keeps turning on automatically within hours.
I turn it off as it doesn't work! It often dips the screen to almost black, even in bright light.
An example is whenever I get in my car and dash mount the phone in bright daylight and the screen goes so dark you can hardly see anything. It's almost as if it's calculating the difference in light coming in from outside and inside with the two cameras, then completely getting it wrong - in this case the phone should set to very bright.
Samsung A50
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Same here. I taught is it just mine. But i see here it’s a typical problem.
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Yep same problem
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