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AKG headphones not working

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Hi, the AKG earphones that came with my samsung s9+ are no longer working - the sound on one side no longer works. I was wodering if these headphones came with any guarentee, as the website suggests that earphones have 6 months warrenty. Assuming they are under warrenty as I only purchased the phone 2 months ago, I was wondering how to get a replacement pair - (do I call samsung support, etc?) 


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A person would need to check their own countries warranty details @ameliachelsea 


Look at the warranty card that came with the phone.


If covered and it's not accidental damage then there will be a contact us option for your countries Samsung support department. 


As far as I'm aware its 12 months.


Please also check the phones earphone port to ensure there's no build up of lint etc. Use a torch but don't go digging in there with a sharp implement. 





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