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2nd lens on 9+


does the lower lens on the 9+ do anything other than background blur?

I thought it was to do with the zoom, but if you cover up the lower lens and switch between 2x and 1x zoom, it still works. so either there is a digital zoom happening (boo) or there is an optical zoom, (yeah).


Yours Simon M.


1 camera is for when it is bright out and the 2nd camera is for when it's darker when taking photos 


err not on my 9+, the upper camera has the f1.5 / f2.4 choice, and can be seen working. Covering up the lower camera and moving from outside (1/3000th) to very dark location (8 seconds) both at f2.4  & 100iso it still uses the upper camera. 

Yours Simon M.


My bad, watch this video


The second lens is for live focus camera mode I believe?

This is the conclusion that I have come to.
Reading the full manual more carefully it mentions optical zoom 4 times. So I guess that it is even more impressive main camera than I thought. I calculate the 35mm equivalents as approx 23mm and 44mm.
I've tested this a few times since reading this thread and found the following.
Pressing the 2x button whilst using 2.4 in auto, definitely results in the lower camera being used "sometimes" I'd say 7 out of 10 times. But...
That's 7 out of 10 times I noticed... If it detects lower light out of either of the lenses it either:
1. If covering top lens, it steps back down to 1.5 and doesn't switch.
2. If covering lower lens it detects a massive difference and reverts to the top lens.

So best way to test is go outside, open camera in auto, press the x2 zoom button, wait a second or so, cover top lens and you'll notice the image is still in viewfinder but that after a second or so, will switch to the covered lens as it steps down to 1.5.

The bottom lens is the telephoto lens. 

If you keep your finger on it and press 2x, the cam detects low lights and simultaneously switches to the primary lens at 2x digital zoom.

To test this..first press 2x..then cover the the bottom lens with your will see your finger on the screen for a split second before the camera switches to the primary lens. Make sure you do it in day light..because the camera tends to avoid prefers using primary lens in low light.

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