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1MoreTime Tho This Update Lame Af

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Imagine I purchase a phone instead of a down payment on a car and the phones OS looks no different than my nephew's J7 phone (which I must say might not be water proof but has lived through wars and drops from Heaven to hell). I on the other hand basically just purchased an expensive camera. Not to mention the giant  protective case I have to use bc I was duped into believing my phone was incased in some "durable" gorilla glass or some ****, I can't remember. but anyway just to find out, that the wind might even scratch your screen when you're not looking is wack! The one time I took my phone out the case to show someone how nice it looked with out the case it slipped out her hand and fell on the commercial carpet and cracked in the corner  I was over it..... I want control over if I want my phone icons and appearance to change. You guys deff should run these things by us 1st like upgrades security updates fine but once you start changing ish your outta line. I didnt pay all this money for no cornball EzBreak phone from ya lame  design teams from Bedrock! And why purchase a set amount of space and yall adding ya own apps that I cant remove that's bs dnt even hit me with that system app or importance bs neither &..... Bixby? Count Yo Days!! I'm so tired of Bixby I got a magnet with her name on it... you would think by now you ppl would have allowed us to cut ties with her, bc she ain't all. Ya'll tryna force ya ugly cousin on us at the family bbq... every time I hit this button by accident I come up with better  use for it! Let it go... lastly why has my s9+ phone volume decreased now that its upgrade time.... something ain't right especially playing through bluetooth it's a lil lower phone a lil slower..... get it together 

No switching sides #SmgSGang #Teamandoid

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Why would you guys put **** where I wrote "*****" as if it were the other word.... I mind as well had wrote it
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