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I have recently got the s20 plus 5g and am really impressed. One niggle is that sometimes when I use the "SINGLE TAKE" function it processes it but only into videos. It does not show any photos at all. The last two times I have used it it has just shown me three different videos and no photos. Is there something I am doing wrong? Is anyone else having the same issue?



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Hi @Jonboy82 


I'm using the Samsung Note 10+ 5G phone not the s20 but when using single shot I get an assortment of videos and pictures.


That's what I assumed should be happening.


Problem with your situation is that this is intermittent thus harder to pin point the issue.


Have you tried a Soft reboot by turning the phone Off and On.


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My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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@Jonboy82: Are you making sure to pan around the scene while in Single Take mode?
Step 1. Open the Camera app. Tap SINGLE TAKE from the menu options.
Step 2. Tap the shutter button and pan around to take your best shot. The camera will automatically capture the best picture and clips of any scene.
Step 3. When you are finished, tap the preview thumbnail. You will see optimised results for the scene you have taken.

To view other results, simply drag the icon upwards. To individually save the results, tap Select and tick the items you want, and then tap the down arrow icon.
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Having the same issue as well. Used to work fine on both the selfie camera and normal camera - single take mode giving options of videos and pictures with different effects. 

Now though using it on selfie mode only produces three videos and no pictures at all. 

Any ideas on how to fix this? 


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Forgot to add I'm using the S20 5G phone and have cleared the camera cache as had seen that as a suggestion on another thread. Didn't help 

I have the fold and got the update for single take and used it once got 3 videos lol also videos were dark as it was night and lamp was on nain light off
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