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Samsung upgrade programme, no request for old handset, two direct debits every month


Has anyone on the upgrade programme been shafted as much as I have? 

I first signed up the upgrade programme last year for the S9. Trading in my S7 in the process to get money off. At the time it took a month and a half for the returns pack for my S7.

Fast forward to this year. Upgraded to the s10 and 2 months down the line I still havent had a returns pack for my S9. I've also just discovered I've had the direct debit coming out for last years loan as well as the new s10 loan. 


Spent 1 hour 20 minutes on hold to customers services and gave up. Spoke to online chat and was advised that MDR are late sending some packs out and apparently when the handset is eventually sent back a refund will be issued


Suffice to say I'm not full of confidence 

Superuser I
Superuser I

I'm not surprised your not impressed with this @Duncan340 


Sometimes things do go wrong which I'm sure many accept. 

It's then down to how this is put right which instils confidence back into the product and services. 


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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