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Samsung S10+ Galaxy Buds claim with pre order

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How long did it take to receive the confirmation email, after completing the form?

I never got one...
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ok that link is for ireland (ie) which does not have John Lewis


change ie to gb for uk link - john lewis on list


also found i can easily get page on edge - chrome just isnt interested


it does however say down for maintenance after you progress from reseller information page


Page not found

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and claim submitted


chrome still wont load the initial page. Microsoft edge , whilst slow, runs thru each page and upload no issue for me


just ensure you use the correct country code in the url. (ie vs gb) 

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Ive been inposition 3 

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I have just tried on edge. Now it is saying my imei has already been used.


What a mess! 

Just a claim id
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you must be adding the devide in the app, you have to click the 'buds' in benefits tab. 


I was able to enroll in Poland. I was directed from Samsung Members app to some app page in the browser. It was terribly slow but it worked (it even read the properties of the phone for me). It didn't promise to send a confirmation email but it allowed me to save a PDF of my application form.


Samsung Care benefit still doesnt work (bad gateway error) ;]

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