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S10 ultrasonic fingerprint scanner visible in sunlight.


My comment was not aimed at anyone in particular, im just saying its not really an excuse to return the phone when it is present all models. 


The camera on the other hand is p*ss poor. I hope that gets fixed. 


Mine actually came out the factory with a raised dent in the top left portion of the screen, doesnt effect the display as you can only see it when off but im unsure what Samsung are going to do to retify it. 


Sorry mate, didn't mean to seem salty............I am fortunate that I was able to return it yes but I think that this is a bigger and very legitimate issue for some and a very valid reason to return a product seeing as it wasn't made clear


It would seem that some people are outside the grace period (cooling off) to return the phones or have traded in other phones for this and Samsung stating that it is not a flaw means they cannot return. That is not acceptable.


The phone is also littered with other big issues (camera out of the box is tripe for example) and yes, software *might* fix this to some degree


I can see when I bring up the issue they will want to inspect it before I get a new one leaving me without a phone (due to trading it in). 


My S8+ the battery expanded and was without it for 7 weeks before they got it back to me

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you can see any fingerprint scanner under the screen in sunlight this isnt only present on the samsungs, Its presents on almost every model even if its a optical fingerprint, Its a natural thing and i guess we have to deal with it now until they can sort something remember that this is the first ultra sonic fingerprint so it may not be perfect but maybe with the s11 itd be way better and less noticable


I understand being able to see OPTICAL fingerprint scanners..............because science


But we should not be seeing ultrasonic ones. It is quite clear this is down to how it is adhered to the screen.


Put it this way. If there was no fingerprint sensor and phones were coming out of the factory with the same physical blemish, people would be complaining and it would be seen as a bigger issue.


Becuase it is a consequence of having to stick a sensor on the back of the screen does not make it ok. There are plenty of phones with stuff r-e-a-l-l-y close to the back of the screen that do not display similar issues (apple force touch etc) so yeah, it is a flaw inherent of how Samsung have integrated the sensor into the display.


And yes, S11, S12............maybe then it will be right.

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I have also the same 

the S10 + is 1 week and 3 days old 

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