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S10 or S10+

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I want to get the new samsung s10 or the s10+

I use my phone for school and I also like to play PUBG mobile around 2 hours a day.

So will the 3400mhz battery from the s10 be enough to use it for a full day or can I better pick the s10+?


The price on the s10+ is 120€ higher than the normal s10 version.

Ps: I'm not rich, it's not like "oh, you have money, then pick the s10+." Only if it's worth it. 

Hey Yakisoba.
I'm using the s10+ my self right now.
the s10 is an awesome phone. but if you're really going to play PUBG for +/- 2 hours a day including, a full school day I recommend the s10+. Not only for its bigger screen and a bigger battery. but also for the Vapor chamber cooling system which is only available for the s10+ to make the battery last longer and the performance higher. and the big screen gives a good advantage over other players .
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