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S10+ camera clicking

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Hi i just got my new s10+ and after playing around with it for a lil time i started hearing a clicking sound whenever i open anything camera related or for example when switching between various camera modes.


I just wanna know is this normal or should i report a defect phone?

Also when i use the zoom and for example come around 0.8 zoom the one before the wide lens it doesn't seem to focus right


No, this is the aperture camera of the S10, you should watch the lenses while switching from camera modes, you can see something moving in the middle camera, that is what's making the clicking sound

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Is it normal that the phone came with no case in packaging too?
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Yes, only a screen protector on it.
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Okay now i just have one last thing that i don't know whether it's normal not

I was calling a friend and while i was talking i opened the screen to look at something and i noticed a small yellow underscreen dot which seemed to be the proximity sensor burning under the screen is this also normal?

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This is also normal. Normally this used to be embedded in the bezel, but ofcourse there's no room for that, so now it's under the screen.

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