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S10+ App switcher scrolling slow

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When I open the multitasking on my s10+ and scroll through the open apps it's very slow and stops at each one. I'm sure when I first got the phone I could scroll through all open apps with oke swipe. Any ideas? 

AndrewL Moderator
@Frabbit74: If your phone seems like it running a bit slower than expected then I recommend a Soft Reset to address any temporary software issues. Simply press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons together for around 10 seconds until it restarts to 'refresh' the device.
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Tried that and no change I'm afraid.its a first world problem I know but its really annoying as I usually have a lot of open apps and its taking ages scrolling through them!

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Same issue on s10e. Please let me know if you find anything .

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Nothing yet I'm afraid. Been using Good lock which works fine but is not the ideal solution

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Ok, thanks for the update. 

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