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Just bought s10+ and now 5g annoucement


I've literally bought the new s10+ a week ago and wondering how many others are thinking of using the 30 day return policy to upgrade further to the latest model. Obviously we know nothing about price and the 5g isn't on all networks yet but being 5g ready is a plus for sure. 

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Superuser I

5G is a consideration but is also in its infancy too.


I'm in the UK and 5G is only going to be in some cities in the UK for now.


To be Frank many struggle at getting a stable 3G or 4G on some networks so 5G is a distant thought.


Its obviously up to the owner to decide whether to return a phone or not at the end of the day.


Future proofing is a good idea.



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I've read the specs and see the key differences are the tof camera on back and front, the additional screen size and base memory. probably a good upgrade along with 5g ready but £1200 suspected price I think not for me

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