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Has anyone received their buds yet? (UK)?


@Praxis wrote:

I'm not expecting much audio wise, what I am looking forward to though is being able to put my phone in my trouser pocket and the signal not cutting out like on my cheap bluetooth buds...


Please tell me this isn't an issue with these?

Errrr.....maybe. I mean, a few people have had issues but I personally haven't.


Know how you feel! Hopefully it won't be too long for you. Lots of folk on here were in the same position as you in the last few days. But most of those have been receiving the Buds today and yesterday. So there's good hope for those still waiting in no man'sland.


@Fudgy31@Colin19 @KillYourIdols  We have a new contender Only kidding

Ha, well that's encouraging!

I've not had any cutting out issues since I got them on the 4th. You can get varying levels of volume from different devices.

Surprisingly they've been decent enough quality wise.


Guess I'll find out when I eventually receive them. My claim wasn't validated until the 17th because of a dispute with the lack of proof of purchase provided by Vodafone. At this rate I'm guessing next month, at least.


Which devices have you tried them on?


LG TV, Samsung TV(lacks volume control), LibreElec HTPC, Windows PC, Nvidia Shield, Sony AV Amp and probably more.


I've had the same issue when connecting my buds to my Samsung smart TV no volume control so I've been looking on YouTube for a solution but no luck yet


I've had that issue! Mine are getting sent off to Samsung. Losing connection when I'm out running. Hopefully it gets sorted 


Best settings for my earbuds @KillYourIdols 

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