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Galaxy S10Plus Call recording


Our issue with Samsung Galaxy S9plus & S10Plus is about the call recorder if not working we will not buy s10plus which I'm interested in S10plus 1T.

Till u guys solve the issue don't dreams we will buy ne galaxy 
Superuser I
Superuser I

Unfortunatelly the issue is not only for Samsung phones but for all phones with Android Pie because Google has removed required functions.

The only way how to record calls is root the device which is something I can't recommend.


Dear All

Try to raise your complain in this page of below link.

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Why would you want to record a phone call??

For sure it's for business and it help us to go back and review the details given and correcting us if we mistake.
When someone u ask something then he do different so your wetness is call recorder
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Superuser I

@LochaosBecause I have memory like a aquarium fish. So it is better to can replay the call than buy something else what my wife wanted

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