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Galaxy S10+ proximity sensor query/issue


I seem to have a problem with the proximity sensor on my new s10+.  when receiving calls the screen turns off like it should when I have the phone to my ear but when making calls it does not turn the screen off when lifted to my ear resulting in unwanted screen presses.


anyone else experencing this or have a solution please??




My screen goes off on both occasions when receiving or making calls but when in the pocket the screen lights up constantly making it hot and draining battery. I've had to turn off double touch to wake and lift to wake options to stop that. This is annoying because I like this options to be on. The finger print screen still lights up even if in the pocket. So there is a problem with proximity sensor software. Hope Samsung will fix it soon. 

ATTENTION!! I also had the issues folk are complaining about , screen waking up on its own and also in pocket , it was driving me mad , i went to Samsung online support , and i asked to be connected to a "Samsung star" who are a group of gurus that can after you download small app from the Playstore will connect to your phone remotely and have a look for you , there were a couple of setting changed and within 10 minutes i was cured , no update , no Samsung fixes , the Samsung star guy just changed a few settings and as if by magic everything works as it should , no more screen lighting up on its own , no more in pocket illuminations , now all you thousands of folk out there waiting for a samsung fix , its not needed and its not coming , too many folk too quick to jump and shout ...its a fault its a fault ...yes its our fault not samsungs ..we should learn more about our phones and stop hanging around waiting for samsung to come along with a fix when its not needed , my phone now working perfectly well,

It's a software bug and Samsung is aware of it. They will fix it with next update that is the proximity sensors and finger print as well. 


hi paw72,  i never made the story up in my head , i got the info from a samsung rep? i will bow to your superior knowledge

if i am wrong but your dissageement is not with me as my info is from samsung?  , to further help me if you will  can you tell me where you got your information so i can go and see and therefore i will be able to go and challenge samsung for

giving me wrong information and if the issues you describe will indeed be sorted with the next update then why is my phone now 100% without the said update, i need the info please as i dont like the idea that maybe some setting have been changed in order to mask the issues which may be still there in the background but hidden? just to clarify, my phone was accessed remotely by a "samsung star" op and sorted ( or not) in this manner, thanks. 


Just got the latest update today. Hope that will fix the phone. Screenshot_20190328-115336_Software update.jpg



Hi rentagub,

Could you spot the setting changes they made to your phone? I am also having similar issues, not alwasy, but sometimes.

I am also facing very slow-responsive proximity sensor. It takes about 1 seccond to turn off screen when covering the proximity sensor and takes 1 second to turn screen on when uncover the proximity sensor.




hi ferdous, this is what was changed that sorted my issues ,  " double touch to wake and lift to wake options" hope it works for you , i was ready to dump the phone , now it works as it should, ray

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rentagub,  was this updated ?


I changed the option and let's see. Like I said my issues don't happen always. I can say in a day or two. 

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