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Galaxy S10 - How can I turn off the camera shutter sound ?


On Samsung Galaxy S10 - Android Pie, how can I turn off the camera shutter sound when taking a picture ? ( Apart from just putting phone in DND mode or sound on silent when taking a picture)


Without root, I don't think that's possible in the EU. 


Also having this issue, it's rediculas to loose features like this on an upgrade to the OS.


turning off the system sounds gets rid of it 


The only way is by putting system sounds off FROM volume  NOT NOTIFICATIONS. I have done that, go to volume and put system sounds to 0

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Still doesn't work for me.


Was embarassing having this go off in an art gallery yesterday - I understand there are reasons people don't want cameras to be silent, but people can just download an app for that if they want to.

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Sounds ***** on new phone when older phones don't do this..SAMSUNG sort this out ASAP.

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I did get a reply from Samsung. 


Apparently it is EU law now that shutter sound is required.


Laughable as you can download an app which mutes it. 


Stupid to not support it natively and 100% annoying. 


Whats the app?

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Use Bixby Routines. 

Condition: application, camera

Action: do not disturb on (important: do not use volume because it makes a sound when you turn the camera off)

Screenshot_20190327-095841_Bixby Routines.jpg

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