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Galaxy Ear Buds Claim - 31 days and still validated!!!

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I didnt receive mine!!!


tomorrow will be 31 days and it shows as validated on the site! The last email i got from Samsung was saying:



Good Afternoon.


Thank you for your email


if you ave not revived an updated just let us know.

We can forward it onto the fulfillment team to find out the reasons why.


We will contact you as soon as we have received an update."


It´s just horrible this! i didnt buy the ear buds because i was waiting for these ones...where are they? no one there can tell me where they are! Can i go to a solciitor for that?


I'd contact customer support.  They will get back to you.

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I appreciate your wanting the free by promotion Galaxy Buds and as the promotion was very successful I'm thinking they will be trying to send out the Buds as quickly as possible.


People are starting to get them going from posts here and elsewhere and by how many are now being sold on selling sites !!


Solicitor  ! You can go to a solicitor for many reasons but that can come hand in hand with solicitor fee's.


As said get in touch with Samsung to ask for an update. 


Do you have alternative earphones that came with the phone you can use in the interim 


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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