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For all of you that miss the LED Notification light


This is for anyone that misses the Notification LED on the S10's.

Let me start by saying i don't miss it particularly as i set my phone to vibrate for notifications and this mutes when Do Not disturb is enabled.

I have lots of S10 content in my Youtube feed and this video popped up for an app that lets you put a light ring around the cutouts and also does edge lighting as well. The app is free but ad supported or you can pay 0.99c to have them removed. I would suggest trying it out first to make sure it works perfectly before paying.

I think Samsung will eventually give us a notification light for the cutouts soon but for those that can't wait , check the link below. I'm trying it out now to see if it works for me.

Feedback on how/If , it works for you would be helpful to others especially the developer via the app review in the Play Store.

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I kinda expect that this light may be used in the future after an update, but this isn't formally announced.

I'm mostly loving my new S10+, but this lack of the most basic of indicators---a notification LED---is driving me crazy.  I simply want a notification LED, just like the one I could see from ten feet away on EVERY PRIOR MODEL of Galaxy (I've had an S3, S6, S8+ and S9+ prior to this one).


It's really frustrating that Samsung removed what I consider to be a critical feature.  If I get a text, I want to see a little blue light or dot from across the room.  Red/green for battery charge state.  Other notifications can be other colors (or, frankly, I don't even care about being notified of other things) but really the charge state and "text message" are the two I need.  I don't even use the "edge"--I don't want a brilliant animated glow from the screen lighting up a dark meeting room---just a little dot, or maybe the camera ring which is actually pretty cool.


The AOD software mentioned above isn't really designed to add a notification light.  Rather, it's a VERY elaborate app for replacing the AOD (Always on Display) contents and having customisable edge/ring alerts for anything.  But it also doesn't work well.  Sometimes a text lights up the ring, other times it doesn't.  It's also extremely frustrating to use the app above, because it forces the user to watch a 30-second ad EVERY TIME ANY SETTING IS SAVED, making it take an hour just to tweak a few things when I could have otherwise done it in 3 minutes.  Collosal timewaster.


Other than the HORRIBLE ad experience (No, I will NOT pay for an app to light up a notification light--that should be a built in feature to begin with) the AOD app functionality is quite lovely, but I basically got frustrated and removed it because it doesn't do the ONLY thing I wanted it to:  turn the ring "red" for "charging" and "green" for "fully charged.  It has no capability of displaying the battery charge level as a notification ring.


I don't want the AOD to show notifications.  I don't want to have to get up and walk over to "touch" the phone to see a notification.  I want to see it from 10 feet away just like every other device I've ever had.


Great phone, but really short-sighted on some of the (lack of) features.  Some articles I have read noted the notification light will be a "Day 1" feature but here we are 10 days post-release and all we hear are crickets chirping and links to this AOD program which doesn't resolve the core issue.




Hello everyone!!
I am quite annoyed by Samsung at this point.  I have the S10 almost 3 weeks now. And I have to say I've never had so much trouble with a device. The battery drain issue and and notifications issue. 
I'm not asking for much here. I Want my phone to wake when I recieve a notification. Is that so much to ask? 

Well as it appears we need to download a third party application for that simple thing.. and I did. The glimpse app. Ok..

Since I was really missing the LED notification  (I think we all do.. It is really bad having to wake the phone all the time to see whether we have a message or not) , I downloaded the always on edge lighting app. So I think they don't work together that good, cause after I installed it a black screen appears in order to enable the ring and it hides the pop up that used to wake my screen through glimpse.. 
Anyone else had that experience?


I use an app called holey light for light notification as it uses the light round the camera and it flashes when in black screen. 

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Terrible idea NOT having a LED notification. Come on Samsung,  get it back. 

Use holey lite mate. It works great
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Thanks Hackett, but will it actually light up when screen is off and I get a text message?
Yes it works on the off screen . Always on display screen .
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So just to be certain.

Only if I use AOD then it will light up?

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