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DPD Notification

Yeah I had a look and normally they send them about between 8-9 pm if they are advising of delivery. I spoke to Samsung a few hours ago and they said that if your pre order email said the 7th when you ordered then to expect DPD to deliver on the 8th.

Crazy that EE orders are going out early, great for those that ordered through them though 👍🏼

Lucky bar-stewards how can EE deliver one day earlier. Than Samsung can... 


I pre-orderded the S10+ in green on the 25th. No DPD notification and Samsung website does state ships on 07-03 but the status still says 'Processing'. Is it too early to panic? lol


Doesn't look too great. Sounds like a similar situation that I'm in 🤞🏽 Fingers crossed everyone 👍🏼
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I have received nothing either. Only an order reference when I preordered on the 21st


Same here, saying march 7th, by further info. 

I know from friend, that ee is going to be late with orders.

Now im almost sure mine wont be shipped today or delivered tomorrow. 

My s10 + 128gb is coming today from EE it seems a small amount of people from EE about 5% apparently won’t get there’s as a manufacturing fault with Samsung
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I preordered from the Samsung site. Not through EE though

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Got my notification from Samsung / DPD.


Delivery 8th


Anyone pre-ordered through Three? I've upgraded and got the text message confirming the new contract but nothing about the phone has been received in writing.

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