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Advice of best after-market Screen protector for S10+ plus model


I am interested in any experience that anyone has had... good or bad... for replacement screen protectors.  


My original Samsung one supplied with the phone took a hit the other night... and for a short time looked like it had penetrated the thin film and put a ***** in the screen.   In a panic I lifted the protector and thankfully when I lifted I could see it hadn't got through... although this has got me thinking about putting another replacement protector on.   The samsung original one did the job it was intended and protected the screen... but they are expensive and probably not the best...  


Anyone have any advice as to their best choice ?  Any bad to avoid ?   I know the curved screen doesn't generally work well with the toughened glass type... and anyone had any problems with the fingerprint sensor with the protector on ? 




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There's one in carphone warehouse for about 20 quid. A bit complicated to apply so watch a tutorial on YouTube, but straightforward if you follow the instructions clearly. It is not made of glass. 

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