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who got the april update for s10 series


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  you are correct, these monthly security updates are just that, security updates.  Any other updates included will be to correct minor glitches.
I don't have a problem with battery life on my S10, and I didn't with my previous S9.  I think the Galaxy S9 and S10 batteries are as good as you can get if you treat them correctly.  If anyone has a problem with battery life I suggest they read some of the many threads in different forums, but starting with Samsung's own advice:
Good luck!

The problem is that most people have done these if not more/other things to optimize the battery with no avail. Either way, keen to see if the April update does anything as others seem to he claiming though it might depend on the device and the bug as I suspect there are multiple things at play. Still waiting for it!



Eureka! My April security patch has arrived, downloading now 09.45 UK.


Under "What's new" in this patch it says:

- The stability of Wi-Fi has been improved.

- The performance of Camera has been improved.

- Security patch update.


There is no mention of any battery performance improvements that some posts above have hoped would be included.  As mentioned in previous posts, I don't have any battery performance issues with my S10, nor did I with my previous S9.


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Me to at 0900. 


Yup just got mine too. Says nothing about battery. Don't know what has been improved with the camera. Got a feeling it is night mode 

I got it this morning too (BTU device, UK, GiffGaff). It won't usually say "battery improvement" because they wouldn't be able to guarantee that but rather say stuff like "bug fixes", "stability" , etc. as all of these usually has an effect on battery.
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Mine did the update today on my s10+ and now its messed my touch sounds up it now screaches an annoying sound at every touch and the only way to shut it up is to turn touch sounds off 

Apparantly theres a lot complaining about the update im starting to wish id not allowed mine to do it now the last one was bad enough by removing our background pics in txt & using speech bubbles we can see now we cant use background pics & the speech bubble is a horrable green colour with no way of changing either 

Well...I updated my phone yesterday and the battery drain seems worse but will keep an eye on it. That said, the wifi connectivity has definitely improved -my phone has been struggling to connect to wifi in tube stations but I noticed this morning that it connected each time no problem.

Note: I don't have touch sounds "on" so can't comment on the above poster.

Have to agree since the update the battery is worse Samsung s10 plus. 


Well, just got the update and am really disappointed. I hoped Samsung would BRING BACK PRO MODE FOR VIDEO but I guess all the voices and complaints are not important. I really am disappointed how this has turned out for a device with such a price tag..  


We're paying a premium for a flagship that launched with so many problems that 2 months on still haven't been fixed. 

Everyone who can, use the members app and send feedback. Hopefully if enough of us report the same problem they will fix it. 

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