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updated and now my s10 screen turns grey permanently

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has anyone facing the same problem as i did anyone know how to fix this. 


Sounds like its glitched, might need to factory/hard reset and start again :( I've just updated mine and its  normal so shouldn't do it

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It's the digital wellbeing mode


Mine is doing the exact same thing after I updated and its frustrating me so much I'm going to take it back. I reset again still get the same problem no matter what settings I change for the colours etc still the same.  How could it be down to the digital wellbeing? 


@Snukems and @detroit7588 do check out whether Digital Wellbeing is on as @Cupboardie said. Since the update, my phone has preset to 'Turn on as scheduled' on this feature. I'm actually now using this feature set to my own schedule, but would be pretty surprising if you weren't aware that it was there. 


Settings > Digital Wellbeing > Wind down > Toggle both 'Turn on now' or 'Turn on as scheduled' off. 



I have already checked mine and its switched off 


Hmm, that is strange. Perhaps its a power saving mode that has been triggered? 


My standard go-tos are:

  • Restart, check SW is up to date, check the apps in the Play Store and Galaxy Store are up to date.
  • Clear all cache memory
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@Snukems and @detroit7588, We'd really like to look into this because that's certainly not what we would expect. Can you try the following and we'll see what we can do. 


First things first, the basics: 

  • Restart > Check your SW is up to date > Check your apps are up to date on Galaxy Store and Play Store

Then some questions:

  • When did this start?
  • Does it happen at a particular time of day
  • What SW are you currently on? 
  • Are you using a theme? Was this brought across from another device? 

Once we understand your position a little better, we'll do our best to get this sorted!

Hi all my apps are up to date. The problems started within 30 minutes of getting the phone, it was completely fine until I updated it to G973FXXU1ASBA. I'm currently using the theme that is preinstalled after another attempt to factory reset. I started completely fresh with this device and have not moved anything across from another device.
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That is really peculiar, @Snukems . Do you mind sending a screenshot of how it looks? 


Can you try testing the screen without the software impacting and press *#0*# into the dialler. Tap Red, Green, Blue and Black to test the colours on your phone - do these appear as colours? 



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