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samsung s10 auto brightness not working good

AntS Moderator

Hi all. 


Just a quick reminder to any folks experiencing the auto-brightness issue: please send error reports with log files and as much relevant info (e.g. the brightness is too dark or bright for you) via the Members app immediately/as soon as after you've noticed the issue. 


Members app > Get Help > Send Feedback > Error Reports > [select error type] > attach a description and tick ‘send system log data’ > Send.




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if the auto is on is should work ..but is not 

Superuser I
Superuser I

I 've had S10 for around 3 months and had issue with adaptive brightness for first time today,  brightness was pretty low earlier today.   I've had  a look at this thread and reset the Adaptive Brightness, so will see how it goes.

Superuser I
Superuser I

Having forwarded my error report to the Bugs Department,  I was informed that the issue will be resolved in an upcoming software update.  Need to see,  in my case it has been a bit better lately but still issue at times.


hope they will fix it