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samsung s10 auto brightness not working good


did you report this to samsung via samsung members ? more of us hope they will understand this issue and come up with a fix 

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Have done. I'm trying to get a video of it. It's tricky to video another screen though.


E: hopefully you can see from this:


did you see also the problem with the red if use vivid mode ? they mess up this color red....


since G973FXXU1ASE7 the addaptive brigtness is not working good at all, it was bad but now is worse


i did tried wipe cache everything reset not fix at all ......


we need fix asap


I'm sitting here in bright sunshine and my screen is a murky grey. It's like I'm wearing sunglasses. The brightness is turned right up. I tried using it for navigating the other day but I couldn't see the map.


I wonder have they dialled it back when outdoors to try and minimise the horrid fingerprint sensor becoming visible?

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Hi all.


Received an answer from the developers regarding the query about the S10's display colours I put forward for you guys (I included some of your posts in that too BTW):


  • White Tone
    The white tone of S10 was changed to slightly warmer than S9 to provide a warm and comfortable color.
  • Screen Mode
    Screen mode has been simplified for S10.
    Vivid Mode - It has the native Wide Color Gamut of the OLED display. (Adaptive Display)
    Natural Mode - It provides a natural and accurate colors with Color Management. (AMOLED Cinema, AMOLED photo, Basic)
  • Resolution
    The resolution and brightness of S9 + and S10 + are equivalent levels.
    If you want a clearer screen, you can check the resolution.
    Settings - Display - Screen resolution - WQHD+
  • BlueLightFilter
    Opacity can be adjusted to the desired level in the Blue light filter menu.
    Settings - Display - Bluelightfilter - Opacity 



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what about adaptive birgtness is worse with the latest update why this ?

@MirceaForce wrote:

what about adaptive birgtness is worse with the latest update why this ?

Dont know about update recently having adverse effects on brightness as one can always adjust manually if adaptive isnt suiting the need.

Nothing can change the transparency of the FPS in sunlight as for the FPS is directly attached to the glass.

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