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s10 uk processor


I am shocked how UK get the inferior Exynos instead of snapdragon on the same price.No wonder there is  no word on it in uk.The guys inside the shop couldnt tell me what chip the phone has as nothing on the box was clear.


It really is a weak compared to SD. 

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Its been like this for a while now, and the gap has always been closer but this year Qualcomm just got it right with the 7nm chip. We never complained when we had the better chip. Samsung tried to sell the Exynos worldwide, but Qualcomm blocked it and managed to get Samsung to sign a 25 year licening deal preventing Samsung from selling modems and integrated chipsets for the next 25 years in return for 3g and 4g patents. Thats why its only in select markets, I.e Mainly outside the US, Canada and China


the reason i will not throw 900£ on an inferior product-exynos combined with mali gpu.I rather spend my money on something decent.No wonder they dont advertise the chip in uk not even on the box.


I have two of my friends returning the s10+.

Yep a repeat of the S9 fiasco. Bet you cant record calls either. Useless for many.
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