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not able to answer calls s10+

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am not able to answer calls but can hear the phone ringing just not showing up on the screen 

Is someone phoning you on WhatsApp by any chance. If so you need to unlock and open the phone .

Wow didn't know that! Thanks for that. I had my daughter phone me from abroad recently on WhatsApp and was trying to answering it on my car bluetooth but it wouldn't for some reason. This is obvioulsy the reason! Thanks!

My daughter always phones me through it and its annoying that it just makes the sound and can't answer without unlocking it.
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not WhatsApp only even normal calls its so frustrating 

Is there anything turned of in the phone app.
Settings. Apps .. phone..

Screenshot_20190314-111024_Samsung Internet.jpg

Try this

I've just done the same for WhatsApp as above and I've turned telephone on to see if that solves that problem for me.
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everything is on when I switch off and on again first call was able to see and answer after that situation went back to no showing on screen
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Has anyone solved this yet?


My phones has started to do this.


All my notifications and settings are correct but it's not unlocking 

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