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my galaxy bud have not arrived yet

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i preorded the samsung galaxy s10+ on o2 and i claimed my galaxy buds. Got an email that said they had verified my order and i would get an email within 7 days, it has now almost been 3 weeks and i don't have any email from samsung about the galaxy buds and they have not been deliverd to my house. What should i do

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I'd personally double check the small print of the offer to check what it says about delivery timeframes @elliot_bee_h0pe 


Check any Spam email inboxes for emails.


The full Terms and Conditions and what to do for support are here in the T&C's.




 17.    The Reward will be delivered within thirty (30) days of the Claim being validated to the postal address provided in the Claim.  "






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Alot of updates on there
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I've been waiting 35 days haven't received my promotion galaxy buds, nobody can contact the promotions depart, Samsung support have been trying for the last 5 days, I can't due to there opening times 9 till 5 as I'm working, not sure what to say

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I have been waiting 37 days for mine now and all I get from them is we are having problems with getting more orders  than we expected just a joke but u can buy buds in shop

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I'm on day 41 and still got no buds, I have spent £2200 on a Galaxy Note 9, a Galaxy watch 46mm and Galaxy S10 plus, obviously not enough, when i brought the Galaxy watch I was meant to get a duo charger, guess what, never got that either, the promotions team are a joke, where is the Samsung Management to sort this mess out

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Just like Big Brother House, day 42, I've received my buds, come on Samsung you need to sort out your Promotions team 

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