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huge beams when i shoot sunsets or bright lightsources


My camera does inexplicable glaring and huge beams in the frame when i try to take a photo of a sunset or a lightbulb or anything with a bright lightsource in the frame.I tried with a service point that told me everything was ok and everytime i should wipe the lens cover with a dry cloth to avoid that (!!!) I find it unacceptable that a simple touch in everyday use on the lens cover will spoil the image quality that hard and i am very dissapointed.. 

Also if i wipe the lens cover vertically or horizontally to clean it with my finger the beam efecte changes accordingly to vertical or horizontal. If i just press lighlty the lens cover (with the same finger) it fixes. I havent had an experience like that ever before and comparing to a friend's s9+ my s10e's photos looked terrible.. please help me because the service point's suggestion sounded crazy..



If you touch lens with your oily fingers, that's what happens. The same thing happens with every phone lens, even iPhone
Don't clean leans with just a finger. Use a clean shirt or special cloth and problem solved.
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