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existing Samsung Upgrade Program Customer? No free buds for you!!!

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Little disappointed to see that Samsung isn't offering free buds to existing and loyal customer......just the new ones.  Shame on you Samsung :-(


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Hi guys.


I've received official confirmation that both new and existing Upgrade Programme customers that meet the eligibility criteria will be able to claim for the free Galaxy Earbuds.


Claims will need to be made via redemption and won't be included in the order.


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It shouldn't matter if you trade in your phone - It only matters if you buy a new phone as either a new or an old costumer. Where did you get that information if I might ask?
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You would have thought, but according to Samsung chat agent, the free upgrades are only being offerred to "new" customers, not those upgrading annually via the Upgrade Program!

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Very strange if you ask me. I actually did participate to offers multiple times without issues (Even though I'm not a part of the upgrade programme).

Usually the process requires you to insert your IMEI number, proof of purchase etc with the correct date. As long you got that I would be surprised if its not accepted.


I would just give it a shot though Samsung Members when the time comes

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Strange, yes.  Dissappointing...definitely! :-(

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Honestly, if the agent is correct I kinda agree with you on that, I would however recommend you to give it a try I mean, what do you have to lose
Could someone confirm who just Pre-ordered that it shows up on their Order Confirmation email?

I've checked the email conrfirmation on my order and my Fiance's and there's no mention of the Buds on either.


I upgraded through the program and she ordered as a new customer. She definitely had it as an option when adding to the basket but doesn't appear on emailed confirmation.

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Samsung will have to give you the earbuds as you have signed a new contract  and paid the same price as a new customer 

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There must be someone from Samsung to give us a correct answer to find out if you on the upgrade program you will still get the earbuds 

As at the end of the day when you do upgrade you have to go into a new contract and you still pay the same for the phone as new customers 

Come on Samsung give us a answer 

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