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bad Sound quality of s10plus

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Recently i bought a samsungs10 plus device and I'm quite happy with all the features other than the sound quality of the device. When I plugged in the provided AKG earbuds and play some music in the built in music player and some other 3rd party players, I get dissapointed with the sound quality which it produced. It is low in bass. even i tried configuring the sound settings by enabling/disabling Dolby Atom and equalizer(which is very poor than previous galaxy S series devices) but I was ended up with nothing. I have the same experience with other earbuds with the same device.

then I tried PowerAmp and I have find that it is quite useful and powerful equalizer in there and able to tune it up to my expectations. but without poweramp, the default sound quality stay as same as previous.


Is there anyone who is going through the same problem. I hope Samsung will fix this (hopefully a powerfull equalizer) in coming up updates.


I find the same about the bass. I also think the volume is entirely too low whether on headphones or bluetooth.  Even turned all the way up, it's clear in the system settings they have the volume set very low.

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