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Yahoo Finance edge panel on S10

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I'm realy missing the Yahoo finance edge panel from my old S8, is this likely to make it to the S10?



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I don't know why this isn't available on the s10+. This feature was pretty much the only reason I used the edge screen.

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Same here. Do we know whether this is available now?


Yeah, I noticed this was missing as well from my new S10 Plus. Was really the only feature of the Edge Panel that I ever used. Can't see any reason it's not there, when it's still available for the S9 series.


Hoping that Samsung wake up and reinstate this useful Edge panel as soon as possible  

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I just got the new S10 plus and agree that the Yahoo finance edge panel was really useful.  Let's hope Samsung read posts like this. Might be best to give feed back directly. In order to address this I have set up a portfolio on Microsoft Money. Then I put the app in the edge panel. Not quite the same but it works well.


Did you Guys really search the Web ? 

The yahoo finance still exist ... for Edge or newer Samsung +

Search this

and u will find the recent Version 6.0.13 and the older Versions,, 5.0.03, 5.0.01




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I downloaded the apk from the link, allowed installation from unknown sources, but it does not install. I am getting " App not installed" message under a grey warning triangle. I am trying on note 10+ which has been restored from my note 9 backup ( finance edge is installed on note 9).

Can you please help?

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