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Wont repair rooted or unlocked bootloader phone


Hi just some feedback 


Earlier today they called me and told me my phone was ready 5 min later called again to tell me i had to wait because they need to update the firmware befor give it to me but they were worried about burning the mobo i told them it will no happen and i could flash stock so the update will flash ok but they said they would call me again. Never did it but i went anyways and they had already flashed it and updated. So i don't know if samsung or the guys on tech support made the choice but i think i was lucky i have my s10 just rigth now fixed and working... tried to attach a pic of the display test (did it just walk out techsupport) but couldn't 


Now i have to download the new firmware to patch it and root it again but i'm very happy to have my phone back and fixed


Have you ever rooted a phone? Because before the s10 i had an s7 edge and it was the first i have rooted, i bricked it like 30 times in many ways one time i forgot to enable the oem unlock that was the harder unbricking but i did it and keep flashing stuff modding system, kernel, roms and the device never broke actually i lost it after like 2 years of use:/

And saying modders are likely to cause damage to the device is not fully real... people brings the devices to repair by a bad flashing or brick because they don't know how to do it also they have no idea of what they are doing, if they can't unbrick a device i don't believe they can brake it by some firmware mod, anyway if i/we bring a device with a mobo problem i could accept it but a broken display caused by dropping it is different and they could at least have some alternatives for this situations not just deny you a paid service or try to make you pay for a new PBA when is still working


Well I'm glad they did it for you.


I've rooted all my samsung phones and never once had a problem with it being rooted while they repair the screen. Once they even replace screen on warranty after I voided knox but this time they just completely turned me down


Sounds like you ran into some good luck there my friend! 


I'm having a similar issue here, well, a frustrating mare is what it is, caused by actions without a doubt and I put my hand up, inf fact, I'm standing in line at the pharmacy to get as much Anusol cream as I can, I need it.


I have a 4-month-old A70, here in the UK, it did an OTA update the USB kept going on/off/on/off/charging/keeping the screen on and draining the battery. There are few temporary workarounds but it was getting on wick (UK slang for Moobs etc), sitting on the couch across the room with it flashing on and off like a confused, lost little girl/boy/train


Anyway, I rooted mine, and the moment I did that, I could no longer connect to any mobile cell/voice network. Removed TWRP root, flashed stock, no errors, just like new, except for the small tiny part of not being able to makes calls

I took it to O2, they returned it with a letter saying, 'unauthorized rework' - buy a new phone if you want to stay with O2.

W"haaaaaaaaat?!??!! I've already got two contracts, pay monthly ones too. It's ab-so-lute-ly mental.
So I contacted, they are authorised by Samsung to repair their Guy called an hour before he was due to arrive, said 'No Serice? I don't normally do that, only broken screens, charger ports, speakers etc.) But said he'd have a look.

I told him the story and like someone else posted, I too was fully expecting to pay, was happy to pay, and wanted to pay! I need a phone. Then guy left, couldn't wait to leave.
I get it, we messed with their software and bootloader, but (and I asked they guy) - are you saying I can get drunk, drop my phone is the toilet, phone you and say 'loops, bit of water may have touched my phone, can you please come and fix it?'' They guy said yes! Then, then it'd be "brought back to warranty status" - I've never heard these terms before, bring your screwed up phone you peed all over back to life AND WARRANTY!

Anyway, anyone got any thoughts on how I can proceed?  


  -  Can I get Knox back to 0x0 (I know I know, just asking?

 -  I've already taken it to the store I bought it from, they sent it away under warranty,  had zero communications from O2 Repairs at all, just 'You're phone is 'plucked', you need a new one.  

-  Father Christmas, I've it only had it 4 months, plus I'm still paying the other monthly contract phone (sim only now). 


The O2 space-cadets called me this morning asking if I'm happy with their tariff’s etc. (LOL poor woman had no knowledge of the situation.).


After all, is said and done, yes, it *****ty when you defecate on your mobile and they'll charge a small fee to 'bring it back to warranty'.  Plug it into a computer and root, Samsung is just driving a point home, it's just being driven into an awkward body cavity .  Yes, I get it that there are other factors at play. with Service Providers and carriers all over the world. 


But yes, anyone with an idea that brings even tiniest glimpse of hope back (even as small as a fly with a nipple stand on a cold night lol), would be awesome people


Thank you so much for reading and kudos to @Chuy for persisting and updating.


Finally, I knew the risks, took them and now Mr Shafty is having a go at me.  It's my fault, I just wish SS weren't such



hi sorry just checked my email little late... 

i had once that problem recently about the blink issue, or i dont know if i am getting your messege mine was auto rebooting till battery got empty


for the service problem... have you tried to set an APN from your service provider? where i live (Tijuana Mexico  in  to the border with the usa)is common to see second hand phones from usa, but you first have to unlock the device to allow another sim/network/carrier and set the APN to get acces to services when my s10 was unavailable a friend sold to my his old s7 and it was from the usa (sprint) i downloaded some apps for unlock it but they did not work and i just did tthe apn stuff and after some attemps it worked, for mine i had to set 3 the wpa(i believe this is the data one), mms (this is  the name but its for sms/mms) and later i realized i had no calls so  i did more research and found an old post that had the third apn the GPRS, after set that one i was able to make/recieve calls maybe in the root process (you flashed a rom dont you?) you flashed a firmware from another CSC/carrier/country and this could be the trouble, you can try to flash the firmware to your specific carrier and country or to do what i told you about the apn... if you have tried this or this is not the trouble i don't know what else could be the issue... but no matter what your carrier should be able to resolve this just like mine does it when you bring your own phone if your carrier allow it

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