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Wont repair rooted or unlocked bootloader phone

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Just a pre warning repair shop wont repair phone screen even if I'm willing to pay even tho phone is fully paid for and 100% mine. So just a warning if you have rooted your prob need to go to a phone repair shop.

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@S10user11: Sorry to hear of your disappointment. For clarity the manufacturers warranty covers software and hardware defects but not instances of physical/liquid damage or unauthorised modifications to the software. Damage can be repaired at a cost to bring a device back into warranty, however modifications to the software will void the warranty.
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I tried to buy a screen repair they wont touch it. I know I voided warranty but I tried to pay for the repair.


Hi can you say how your situatiton ended? I think i'm in this problem right now, i left my s10 at samsung tecsupport on my carrier's store because screen repair 2 weeks ago, today i went to see the progress and they said the phone is already fixed but they refused to give it to me because system mod... and we have to wait because is Sunday and samsung's workers don't work. I already paid for the fix and they never told me something about it... I did't think they would reject the repair because i'm paying for it also i'm looking for related info anda just found nothing else but your post 

When i arrived for the phone they asked if i tried to modify my device and i said no i have no tried i actually did it and they told me this i just said in my last comment... I had to pay for the repair before they did it so it's a little different to your issue... I told them why they did not call me or advised me but i have to wait to tommorrow to see how this end up i don't care to loose the 30 days repair warranty and i told them that but they said they couldn't give my phone till samsung authorize it

Wouldn't touch mine unless I paid for new motherboard so they took fixed screen out put my broken one in and gave phone back to me.

Not paying 600 for a fully working phone just bad screen so went to a phone shop paid 250 for screen £10 more than samsung.


Me on another account couldnt sign into one I made post with but ultimately samsung wont touch mine even tho I paid for my phone in full when I pre ordered and was willing to buy repair unless I replaced motherboard so not "tampering". Stupid really when I own all right to my device


Thanks for your fast answer, it's 8 am here i have to wait 2 hours because they open at 10... it's nice at least you get it fixed without paying a lot. I hope they give me my phone repaired because where i live there is no other places to go... I think i have chances they give it to me because there is no samsung center here either and with luck i hope they say is more expenssive to just take the screen back since they have to import it from korea, basically is my carrier who made the job but also have bad experiences with them so i'll wait to see how this get done 


Btw Sorry for my bad english, i speak spanish😓


I like samsung devices but after this i don't believe my next phone whill be samsung


I can't speak for any other country but here in the UK if they were to fix a damaged device then by law they have to provide a limited warranty as a result of that repair. I guess manufacturers see users that modified software are more likely to cause damage to the device as rooting can allow an end user to overclock hardware and or brick a device? Almost all manufacturers will void a devices warranty if rooted, many if not all will refuse to fix a device even if the end user offers to pay... They could fix the device and reflash it with stock software but I guess they assume the end user will just root it again and so the risk of a warranty claim is high.

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