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Wifi problem on s10+

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I faced the same problem with any app or browser. Did't find any solution.


I am having the same issue in both 2.4 and 5G! The connection speed shown is slow sub 200 and drops to 6 without moving. My Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 connects to the same network at 800? Why is the S10 so slow?

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Same here but it's only my 5 gigahertz not my my 2.4. I've turned on Wi-Fi safe mode I'll see if that helps. But this is BS , 1 thousand-dollar phone and my Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting.. Samsung you better fix this. 

@Sunnyk wrote:

Is any one having issues with wifi on s10+ my broadband is 200mbps in speed when connected to wifi it takes long to load like Google page and Facebook or messenger.

Then I turn off wifi its perfect on 4g.

My all other device are fine on wifi.

Any one else having this problem.


I wonder if this is going to be a workdwide recall. Free s105g for everyone!

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I've only had my phone for two days, and having the same issue wifi is really weak and drops out. I had to bring my old OnePlus phone to work to listen to music cause my s10 plus can't stay connected to wifi.

Hopefully this gets fixed or I'll be returning this phone within the 14 day window. 


Very sad. Another long thread about an ongoing problem with a Samsung device.


I have the P30 Pro, so I'm only using my premium S10+ at home (P30 vastly superior charging speed, battery endurance, processor speed and overal snapiness compared to Exynos, 5x optical zoom), but the Wi-Fi issue on the S10+ makes it insufficient to even handle company calls, and listening to a YouTube talk is often stopped by a dropped Wi-Fi connection.


I wouldn't hold my hopes too high since this is at least the 5th (FIFTH) system update that addresses "Wi-Fi connectivity issue", and the Wi-Fi is still being dropped.


So yeah, both sad and happy to say that this is my last Samsung phone.


Same issue with wifi here.

Absolute trash today wont connect at all to three different routers


This is why S10+ goes into the drawer.




Screenshot_20190812-075434_Software update.jpg



Yea i'm having wifi issues too...


A P20 pro, P20 lite, Nokia 5 and iPhone 7 have rock solid full bars of wifi on both 2.4 and 5G networks here at home but my S10 Plus keeps jumping between both 2.4 & 5G wifi networks and when it does stay connected the signal constantly fluctuates between 1 and 3 bars.


I have tried everything! Reboot phone, reset networks, volume down and power button restart, clear cache via recovery, boot in safe mode and reset the phone entirely and nothing resolves the issue. I just updated to the latest software with the August security patch and still terrible wifi connection.


Not feeling very hopeful as there has been several software updates to date that were supposed to address this issue but it looks like none of those updates made any difference. Starting to think it's a hardware related and there will never be a fix for this issue! :( 


So after playing around with the WiFi settings on my S10 plus I think I have resolved my WiFi issues (a big I think so). 


I basically disabled all the bloatware options within the Advanced menu as shown in the two images below:





As you can see in both screenshots that i'm now getting full WiFi signal and everything seems to be ok the past 3 hours or so. Maybe it was just pot luck that it sorted itself out after disabling those options, who knows but time will tell I guess!

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